Nov 18 2015

Moonlight Kayaking

Moonlight Kayaking

California Canoe & Kayak – Full Moon Paddle
Wednesday, November 25th

Moonlight paddling is enchanting! The water is calm and glassy on the Oakland Estuary and the city lights add to the ambiance. We enjoy a leisurely pace as the sun sets and the moon rises, illuminating a delightful evening.

Enjoy an evening of moonlight paddling on the Oakland estuary with California Canoe & Kayak. Everyone is invited to experience the calm waters and city lights on this leisure adventure that starts at sunset. For more information, visit

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Nov 05 2015

Uber announces major expansion into Oakland’s Sears building

Uber announces major expansion into Oakland's Sears building

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) —
After a massive growth in San Francisco, Uber is now making a big time expansion into Oakland. Up to 3,000 employees are expected to move into six floors of the newly renovated Sears building. Real estate experts say the deal puts downtown Oakland on the map.

It certainly looks like a big win for the city and the Uptown neighborhood, bringing in thousands of new jobs. But some worry that the upside will come with much higher rents.

“Uber is an innovative game-changing company and its move to Oakland is game-changing for us,” said Mayor Libby Schaaf.

The mayor called it a great day for her city. The announcement that Uber is expanding its Bay Area headquarters to Oakland’s Sears building.

“It’s home actually to many of current our employees,” said Renee Atwood with Uber. “But today we are doubling down on our growth here and deepening our roots across the bay.”

The ridesharing company has purchased the old Sears building from Lane Partners, which will stay on as the developer of a project that includes 50,000 square feet of retail on the bottom with office space above.

Uber expects to bring in 2,000 to 3,000 employees. Housing them without pricing out current residents is part of the equation for Oakland city leaders.

“We believe that having great jobs in this city is part of that solution,” said the mayor. “And encouraging development of additional housing units, which an investment like this can also encourage, is part of that solution.”

“It’s pretty exciting,” said Kevin Best.

Best just opened his gourmet ice cream shop, Little Giant, across the street from the newly dubbed Uptown Station.

“We knew something was going to happen, we weren’t sure at what level,” he said. “So to hear someone of Uber’s size is definitely reassuring.”

Uber expects to begin renovation next year, with project completion set for 2017.

For more stories about Uber, click here.

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Oct 19 2015

USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier: Haunted Hornet

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USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier: Haunted Hornet

What is the Haunted Hornet?
-The Haunted Hornet is a high impact, actor driven haunted attraction located on board the Historic aircraft carrier USS Hornet. 
After being decommissioned in 1970, the USS Hornet aircraft carrier was used to house a secret research facility specializing in deep sea research and Bermuda Triangle phenomena. Undergoing secret and extreme retrofitting, the ship and its crew set out to document what they find. While out at sea, the crew were involved in the discovery of an unexplained occurrence which began to affect the entire team and the ship. Immediately after, the program was cancelled, items locked into storage and the ship was returned to Puget Sound for final mothballing. 
Now 45 years later, we are finally able to access these secret parts of the ship…

What was the aircraft carrier USS Hornet?
– The aircraft carrier USS Hornet is a national treasure, having participated in two of the greatest events of the 20th century — World War II and the Apollo 11 manned space mission when the first humans in the history of mankind set foot upon the moon. The Hornet was decommissioned on the 26th of June 1970.
In October 1998, the ship was opened to the public as a museum moored at the former Naval Air Station Alameda (currently known as Alameda Point) on San Francisco Bay. She is a registered State and National Historic Landmark and is not funded by any governmental agency.


On board the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier
USS Hornet Museum
707 West Hornet Ave. Alameda, CA 94501

October 2nd – October 30th & November 1st 2015
Thursdays & Sundays – 7pm-11pm
Fridays & Saturdays – 7pm-12am

HALLOWEEN 10/31/2015:
Monster Bash – Limited Hours; Must have ticket to Monster Bash Event for access to the Haunted Attraction


Tickets: $40 ($38 + $2 Historical Preservation Fee). 

(Online tickets can be used on any night with the exception of Halloween 10/31)

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Oct 12 2015

Jack London Square Patchwork Show: Modern Makers Festival

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Patchwork Show: Modern Makers Festival

Sunday, October 25  |  11:00am – 5:00pm

55 Harrison Street
This modern makers festival features more than 140 local artists, crafters and designers showcasing a variety of handmade goods including clothing, art, paper goods, accessories, house-wares and more. Free to attend, enjoy an afternoon of shopping, music and free DIY crafting stations, as well as enjoy a selection of artisan food vendors.

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Sep 21 2015

Oakland, California’s Drink and Food Scene – Video

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Awesome video discovered on the Visit Oakland YouTube channel… “Oakland’s food and drink scene is on the rise because of the love and care that goes into every glass and on to every plate”. This video is a great way to get ideas on where to visit and explore. Grab a friend and a beer and visit soon!



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