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Jun 23 2014

Local Events Worth Checking Out When Visiting Oakland, CA

There are many reasons to stay at hotels in Oakland.  From exciting events happening throughout the city, to its close proximity to other destinations, Oakland is a fantastic starting point for any adventure.  One of the biggest reasons people look for Oakland hotels are the concerts.  Including such venues as Oakland Arena, Oakland has a lot to offer.  Included is a list of groups coming to the Bay Area in the coming months.  With any luck, you will be looking for places to stay in Oakland to see your favorite group.


For The Kids

If you have younger children, then it may be hard to pass up “Sesame Street Live” Make a New Friend.”  Sesame Street has been a pillar of children TV for the past few decades, teaching important values while also being entertaining.   “Sesame Street Live” Make a New Friend” brings the characters to life, and are sure to delight your children.  If you are interested in attending, then clear your calendar for May 30th and 31st.  Remember, if you are planning to spend the night, you should start looking for Oakland hotels now to get the best rate.


An Excellent Concert Opportunity

Few individuals have so expertly brought together Pop, reggae, soul, R&B, and rock as Bruno Mars.  Bruno Mars became famous as a young solo performer, making waves ever since.  A singer, songwriter, record producer, musician, voice artist, and choreographer, Bruno Mars has made a career of performing concerts that are eventful as they are exciting.  If you are looking for an interesting night of music, then don’t miss this opportunity on May 28th.  Also, if you look at places to stay in Oakland, you can save yourself money and get a better rate on hotel prices.


A Cool Sport

Why go to a baseball, basketball, or football game when you can see professional bull riding?  Hosted by Ford and taking place on the 26h and 27th of September, professional bull riding will be coming to Oakland!  Professional bull riding brings the best of the best together in a challenge of man verse beast.  The last one riding the bull wins, while the rest hold on for dear life.  If you are interested in this awesome sport, then get your tickets now.

If none of the events above interest you, then keep your eyes open.  There is a constant stream of interesting concerts and events always happening in Oakland.


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Jun 17 2014

Coming to Oakland, A Look At Local Events Worth Checking Out When on Vacation

Planning a vacation usually means scheduling in big events, like going to a national park or seeing a famous building.  It includes seeing things you may otherwise not see, and having experiences you will remember for years to come.

An opportunity that many tourists, and locals alike miss are small events hosted by local communities.  What these events lack in size they make up for in local flavor, creating unique and dynamic experiences for any vacation.  Oakland for example has a number of public spaces like Jack London Square, where interesting things are constantly happening.

If you are thinking of booking hotels in Oakland and you want to know more about what is happening around you, then look no further.  Below is a list of cool attractions you can take advantage of.


First Fridays

Every first Friday of the Month, Jackson Square Park puts on a market.  Starting during the day and stretching well into the night the market is a place of merriment and entertainment, including a diverse array of musicians, artists, and unique street performers.  In addition, local crafts and stalls are set up, selling artwork created by locals.  Finally, there is a wide range of food to choose from, as many popular local restaurants open up stalls during the event.  In short, First Friday events represent the spirit of Oakland in miniature, and should not be missed.


Wednesday Workouts

For many, a vacation is more then just relaxing.  It is hiking, biking, and staying fit.  For those staying at Oakland hotels or thinking about booking places to stay in Oakland, Jackson Square Park hosts a weekly complimentary cross fit workout.  Consisting of a number of challenging trials and hosted every Wednesday from 6 to 7pm, these events will help keep your body fit as you explore this fascinating city.


Wednesday Movies

Finally, if you just want to sit back and enjoy a beautiful sunset, consider attending the weekly outdoor movie screening, held every Wednesday evening.  A reasonable walk from most hotels in Oakland, Wednesday night movies is an excellent opportunity to relax outside with others while enjoying an excellent film.

The above list only scratches the surface of everything going on in Oakland.  If you are traveling through, or even a local, then don’t miss these events as they are sure to impress.



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