Aug 27 2015

Katie Morell – an article on how to spend your time in Oakland, CA

Katie Morell - an article on how to spend your time in Oakland, CA

What a great article by Katie Morell on how to spend your time in Oakland! Filled with numerous highlights, this two-day hourly recap is a great read. Her reference to our Hotel in Oakland CA is very appreciated!

Jack London Square Lodging

Titled “How to Spend 50 Amazing Hours in Oakland”, Katie starts out recommending The Inn at Jack London Square for the perfect hotel to book your stay for a Hotel in Oakland CA, located in the historic neighborhood of Oakland: Jack London Square.

She goes on to describe great places to visit, food to eat and really gives her readers a yearning to visit and discover all the wonders of Oakland, California. She describes the location as “A diverse and ever-changing city with a mix of eclectic neighborhoods, award-winning restaurants, and exciting attractions.”

Thank you Katie Morell, your article is perfect for visitors looking for a hotel in Oakland CA. You can read Katie Morell‘s original and entire article on 7× here.

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Aug 15 2014

The Top Reasons To Visit Oakland For Your Next Vacation

The Inn at Jack London Square is proud to be a part of Oakland and to offer premier accommodations within the city. We only hope that more people come to explore Oakland and some of the amazing opportunities that the city has to offer. Here are some other reasons that you should consider Oakland for your next vacation.

Inn At The Square Room Accomodation
1. The Best Climate In The USA: Oakland has been voted as having the best climate in the entire US based off of climatological data from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. Surprisingly Oakland has the same number of sunny days as you would receive in orange County and without having to pay all of the upfront cost to stay and explore the area.

2. Great Sports Teams: Oakland features reasonable ticket prices to go and see the Oakland Athletics as well as the Oakland Raiders. With three pro sports teams available tickets in Oakland are relatively cheap when compared to other teams in their market.

3. The Oakland Zoo: the Oakland zoo is one of the greatest cities in the entire world and is heavily regarded as one of the best laid out zoological habitats in the US. Over just 100 acres you can see spectacular plant and animal life from around the world.

Oakland Zoo

4. Emerging Restaurant Culture: Oakland is becoming a great magnet for foodies with countless premier restaurants opening up. It’s much cheaper to eat in Oakland and experience some of the dining as well.

5. Great Night Life and Beer Culture: located just steps away from the hotel is a bar known for its craft brewering. Featuring a rotating tap with at least 45 beers at any given time beer revolution in Jack London square is a must see for any beer connoisseur.

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Aug 08 2014

Oakland’s Emerging Food and Restaurant Scene

If you’re planning on coming to stay in Oakland at The Inn at Jack London Square, it’s very important that you know about some of the amazing culinary opportunities that are available in Oakland today. Oakland has opened its borders to restaurants from around the world and cooks who are preparing one-of-a-kind meals the likes of which you can’t find anywhere else. Oakland is quickly becoming a hotbed for restaurants and foodies and during your stay there are a few must visit restaurants.

1. Miss Ollies: Miss Ollies is located in old Oakland and this restaurant focuses on real Caribbean soul food. At this place you can get a skillet fried chicken, plantations or salted fish with plenty of other restaurants in the area serving up tortillas, traditional style beans and more. Miss Ollies is an authentic dining experience that simply can’t be missed.

miss ollies

2. Nido located in Jack London Square Nido, the authentic Mexican restaurant features a Californian spin on traditional Mexican food. Enjoy a wonderful chilies, tortillas, greens and more all served up beautifully and ready for sampling.


3. Tribune Tavern: if you are missing your local gastropod, try the Tribune Tavern downtown which features a wonderful array of delicious pub food ranging from steaks, pulled pork, pot pies, wings and more. This is casual dining at its finest and the perfect place for you to sample some of California’s best craft beer.

tribune tavern

4. Hopscotch: is one of the ultimate fusion restaurants in the downtown area. With a retro diner décor, hopscotch serves up a variety of California Asian food featuring its own Hells kimchee, its own take on Ramen noodles and more. Most of the dishes on hopscotch’s menu are designed to be paired with its large selection of whiskeys which can be found at its expansive whiskey bar.


These are just a few fantastic restaurants to try during your stay at The Inn at Jack London Square.

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Jul 11 2014

Experience Oakland


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Jun 23 2014

Local Events Worth Checking Out When Visiting Oakland, CA

There are many reasons to stay at hotels in Oakland.  From exciting events happening throughout the city, to its close proximity to other destinations, Oakland is a fantastic starting point for any adventure.  One of the biggest reasons people look for Oakland hotels are the concerts.  Including such venues as Oakland Arena, Oakland has a lot to offer.  Included is a list of groups coming to the Bay Area in the coming months.  With any luck, you will be looking for places to stay in Oakland to see your favorite group.


For The Kids

If you have younger children, then it may be hard to pass up “Sesame Street Live” Make a New Friend.”  Sesame Street has been a pillar of children TV for the past few decades, teaching important values while also being entertaining.   “Sesame Street Live” Make a New Friend” brings the characters to life, and are sure to delight your children.  If you are interested in attending, then clear your calendar for May 30th and 31st.  Remember, if you are planning to spend the night, you should start looking for Oakland hotels now to get the best rate.


An Excellent Concert Opportunity

Few individuals have so expertly brought together Pop, reggae, soul, R&B, and rock as Bruno Mars.  Bruno Mars became famous as a young solo performer, making waves ever since.  A singer, songwriter, record producer, musician, voice artist, and choreographer, Bruno Mars has made a career of performing concerts that are eventful as they are exciting.  If you are looking for an interesting night of music, then don’t miss this opportunity on May 28th.  Also, if you look at places to stay in Oakland, you can save yourself money and get a better rate on hotel prices.


A Cool Sport

Why go to a baseball, basketball, or football game when you can see professional bull riding?  Hosted by Ford and taking place on the 26h and 27th of September, professional bull riding will be coming to Oakland!  Professional bull riding brings the best of the best together in a challenge of man verse beast.  The last one riding the bull wins, while the rest hold on for dear life.  If you are interested in this awesome sport, then get your tickets now.

If none of the events above interest you, then keep your eyes open.  There is a constant stream of interesting concerts and events always happening in Oakland.


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